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Die Superhelden der Energiewende

Concept and implementation of a traveling exhibition.

Climate protection is a very serious topic and not that easy to communicate. This is why we tried to address this topic a bit more entertaining. To catch peoples attention and to give it a comfortable entry point we designed an exhibition in a comic style. Topics all around living, e.g. electricity and photovoltaics are explained on 5 posters.


The exhibition is divided into two parts; an informatory part and a participatory part where visitors can get creative by representing a vision of their own future on a magnetic panel.


We designed it as a traveling exhibition for schools and museums. All pieces of the exhibition can be stored inside a black box for an easy transportation and set-up.


This project has won the ideas competition for the „master plan 100% climate protection“ and was funded by the city council of Frankfurt/Main.

Project members:
Dalila Keller,
Alexandra Fuchs
Dennis Ego